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    The best way to discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    The entire St. Gallen Abbey District has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983. The best-known city landmarks are the Baroque cathedral with its twin spires and the Abbey Library with its gorgeous rococo hall.

    You discover these hotspots on an easy trip of about six kilometers.


    St. Gallen is flanked by two ridges, one in the north and one on the southside of the town. On both ridges there a plenty of lovely trips possible.

    On the north side you will find the splendid so called Rosenberg with the deer park "Peter & Paul" on top. On our "Razorback" tour we will pass along the beautiful mansions built during the heights of textile industry in St. Gallen. On top of the Rosenberg in the deer park you will see razorbacks, deers, stags, chamois and so on.

    The tour starts at the University or your site in town.


    The ridge on the south side of the town, the so called Freudenberg, is well known for the picturesque lake scenery "Drei Weihern". The "Drei Weihern" are three meres which serve as mixed bathing for decades. The bathhouse is one of the most photographed objects in town.

    The tour starts at your site in town.